Friday, September 14, 2012

We continue our learning process with lots of fun based activities.The theme for the month August'2012 was "Rain".Rainy season comes after summer season, so this season brings relief to everybody.Rainy day is helpful to us in many ways. The earth which was dry becomes soft and cool .The air becomes cool and comfortable.The rain in this season is free from dust .The kids were told about this season and lot of craft and activities related to the season were done.

This month we get to celebrate the bond between brother and sister on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.Children tied Rakhi to each other and exchanged gifts.

The month of August comes to us with lots of importance and significance.India accomplished her much expected Independence in this month. We celebrated this auspicious occasion with lot of enthusiasm by putting our souls in it. The kids made flags & badges. The children of PG-II spoke few lines about our country with a lot of confidence.

Janmashtami is another reason to rejoice in this eventful month. Itw as celebrated on 9th August. Pooja was performed in the school and children weer told about Lord Krishna.All kids decorated crowns.

Eid was celebrated with a lot of zest and zeal on 17th of August. Children ate sewaiyan.Stories were told to all children regarding Eid.


The children of toddler section enjoyed sailing paper boat.They were given boats made with paper folding, which they sailed in water.

The children of PG-I and PG-II made umbrellas with paper plated.They also made rainbow and rainbow bracelet respectively.

The children of PG-1 and PG-II visited.Sai Baba temple on 24th and 27th respectively.The children spent sometime in the temple praying & hearing hymns.They set and ate prasad given by the priest.

This month we wish Vansh a very happy birthday with loads of love from Crystal Family.

Let children be themselves.Parents often forbid their child to play with mud,clay or water worrying that they will get dirty or sick.But this is the way they have fun , explore new things and grow into happy confident adults.

Monday, August 6, 2012

We welcome our children after a long and refreshing summer break.The school is just a building unless reesonating with the laughter and incessant chatter of it's lovely students.
"And they are back after their summer break to fill our school ................"

The theme of this month was "WATER".The children were  introduced to uses of water, water animals and water transport.

The playgroup kids strengthened their concept of colours further by celebrating BLUE DAY on 19th July'2012.
The children of PG-II participated in "SHOW & TELL" which was held on 30th July'12.The theme of this month was "MYSELF"All the kids spoke confidently infront of the mike.

Field Trip
The children of PG-I & PG-II visited the Pet Shop on 20th and 27th of July'2012 respectively.Petshop is another boarding house for pets.Under one roof petshop offers pets,pet provisions,pet accessories, veterinary  services,habitat design,landscape design & maintenance.
Kids enjoyed watching fishes of different colours ,birds,rabbits,guinea pigs,cats etc.The attraction of this visit was "Talking Parrot" who imitated the kids.

Science experiment was done by the preschoolers.The concept of sink and float was cleared to PG-1 kids by showing them how a boat floats in water and heavy thing like stone sinks in water.

The concept of water changing into ice on freezing & again changing into water on melting, was cleared to the children of PG-II. They were also shown how steam is formed & comes out of water.

Toddler did fishing activity in which they added fishing road to fish made out of paper and then went fishing.

The PG-I and PG-II kids made an aquarium with colourful fishes.Kids enjoyed pasting fishes , weeds , stones & sand inside the shoe box & on mountboard.

This month we wish-Rudransh,Vageesha,anika,Ritvik,Darsh and Aarav a very Happy Birthday with loads of love from Crystal Family.

Parenting Tip:
Give your child attention and praise when she/he follows instructions and show positive behaviour and limit attention for behaviour like tantrums.Teach your child acceptable ways to show that he/she is upset.