Monday, March 4, 2013

CCC-Newsletter for Feb'2013

The theme for the month was “Birds, Animals and Friendship”. Pre School children love learning about animals. A wild animal theme provides students with an opportunity to know about a group of animals beside farm and pet animals,
Undoubtedly friendship is the greatest gift of God.  Friendship demands only your trust and sincerity. Friendship is always precious. It is a special bond which needs nurturing and friends needs to be cherished too.


This month we celebrated “Friendship Day” on 14thfeb’2013.School organized a Friendship Day party for preschoolers wherein they shared juice, chips & candies with ach other and they danced along with their friends.

We celebrated “Basant Panchami” on 15th Feb’2013.This festival is also known as “Saraswati Puja”.Goddess of Knowledge, Saraswati is worshiped this day. She is represented asa pleasant face lady holding a Veena.
Basant Panchami is one of the seasonal festivals which mark the arrival of spring season. The color yellow holds a special meaning for this celebration as it signifies the brilliance of nature and vibrancy of life.
All Preschoolers come dressed up in yellow clothes & offered yellow flowers to Goddess Saraswati.


This month we dedicated a full week to Friendship by planning fun filled activities for the children.
We had “Show & Tell” activity for children of PG-1 & PG-2 on the 12th Feb’2013.The theme for the same was “My Favorite Toy” & “My Best Friend” respectively .All children spoke their lines with confidence.
We played “Friendship Game “ on 12th Feb’2013, in which all children shared their toys with each other.
Children of Toddler , PG-1,PG-2  decorated Friendship cards on 13th Feb’2013.
On 14th Feb’2013, all preschoolers decorated a crown by pasting heart shapes on it.
Children of PG-1 made a bird with different shapes & decorated it as well.
Children of PG-II were introduced to the concept of writing numbers on dots.


The children of PG-1 and PG-II visited the Delhi Zoo on 26th Feb’2013.The Delhi Zoo or National Zoological Park located near the Purana Qila having over one thousand varieties of animals ,reptiles & birds. It also has nearly all varieties of deer  found in the country. White Tiger, Elephant Leopard etc are some of its highlights apart from many endangered species of India seen in this zoo. Zoo is spread over large area so the animals are provided with spacious enclosures. Delhi Zoo is a favorite destination of migratory birds. Every year during winters large lake  at the entrance of zoo is thronged with numerous visitors including stroks,ducks & other migratory water birds.
Children thoroughly enjoyed this visit.


Crystal Family wishes Alaina,Abeer and Anwesha Many Happy Returns of the day.


Appreciate your child at every step irrespective of the outcome. Participate with him/her , show interest and express your pride.