Saturday, September 7, 2013

CCC-Newsletter- August'2013

Your children have been constant delight to us and we are enjoying watching them grow not just physically but socially and emotionally as well, becoming more & more independent. We continue our learning process with lots of fun based activities.

Theme for the month of Aug 2013 was “RAIN”. 
Rainy season comes after summer season, so this season brings relief to everybody. The air becomes cool & comfortable. The kids we were told about this season & lot of craft activities related to theme were done.


Eid is the festival after Ramzan, the month of worship, contemplation & Fasting. The three day festival marks the breaking the fast for Muslims at the end of Ramzan. Eid is a time for family & friends to get together & celebrate with good food, presents for children and giving charity. Children celebrated Eid on 9th Aug ’13 with Zest & Zeal. They ate sewaiyan & heard stories related to Eid.

The month of August comes to us with lots of importance & significance. India accomplished the much expected Independence in this month. We celebrate Independence Day every year on 15thAugust. This reminds us of great sacrifice made by our leaders to win freedom. Simba kids come dressed up as national leaders & spoke few lines on the same, with lot of confidence. Children sang patriotic songs & danced ontune of hindi song (suno gaur se duniya walo……………..).

This month we get to celebrate the bond between brother & sister on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. Rakshabandhan is a pledge from brother to protect the sister from all harm & trouble & a prayer from the sister to protect from evil. Children tied Rakhi to each other& exchanged gifts on 20th August’13.

Janmashtami is another reason to rejoice in this eventful month. Janmashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna. The birth of Lord Krishna is believed to be symbolic of our imprisonment in worldly illusions where he took birth with us &led us to salvation & peace,vanquishing all evils  depicted by Kansa. Children of samba enacted skit based on Krishna’s birth & his early childhood, followed by dance performance by Bambi kids&tots. Pooja was performed in the school & the children were told about the Lord Krishna. All kids decorated flutes.

The children of toddler section enjoyed sailing paper boat. They were given boats made with paper folding, which they sailed in water.

The children of PG 1(Bambi) made umbrellas with paper plates. They also decorate peacocks made with empty tissue rolls.They did group activity in which they enjoyed making rainbow by doing tearing&pasting.

The children of Simba (PG2) made craft with letters (J, K,L,M). They also made craft based on monsoon.

The children of PG-I & PG II visited Sai Baba temple on 23rd & 30th August’13 respectively.Children spend sometime in the temple praying & hearing hymns. They sat & ate Prasad given by the priest.


This month we wish Kriti, Irvaan, Samarth & Vansh a very Happy Birthday with loads of love from Crystal Family.


Overprotection weakens a child’s mental strength. An environment of over protection has everlasting influence on child’s personality whereby a child is unable to deal with challenges of life.Such children always fear to experiment & are thus always followers & never leaders.