Saturday, August 3, 2013

Month July'13:

We welcome our children after a long and refreshing break. The school is just building unless resonating with the laughter incessant chatter of its lovely students.’ And they are back after their summer break to fill our school’.
The theme of the month was “WATER” The children was introduced to water, water animals and water transport.
The play group kids strengthened their concept of colours further by celebrating “BLUE DAY” on 19thjuly’2013.
The children of PG2 participated in “SHOW &TELL” activity which was held on 26th July’13.The theme of the activity was “MY FAVOURITE VEGETABLE”. All the kids spoke confidently in front of the mike.
Science experiment was done by the preschoolers. The concept of sink &float was cleared to PG1 kids by showing them how a boat float in the water & heavy things like stone sinks in the water.
The concept of water changing into ice on freezing & again changing into water on melting was cleared to the children of PG2. They were also shown how steam is formed &comes out of water.
Toddlers did fishing activity in which they attached fishing rod to fish made out of paper & then went fishing.
PG1&PG2 kids make an aquarium with colourful fishes ,weeds, stones & sand inside the shoe box and on mouth board.
The children of PG-1 & PG-2 visited the Pet Shop on 26th July & 29th July’2013 respectively. Pet shop is another boarding house for pets under one roof. Pet shops offer Pets, Pet Provisions, Pet Accessories, Veterinary Services, Habitat Design, and Landscape Design & Maintenance.
Kids enjoyed watching fishes of different colours, bird’s rabbits, cats, puppies etc.
This month we wish Darsh, Anika &Aarav a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” with loads of love from Crystal family
Make a point of finding something to praise every day.

Be generous with rewards like your core hugs and compliments: can work wonders and is often reward enough.