Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Days have warmed up quiet considerable and spring is in

“Happy & colourful SPRING
With scents and Fragrance in the Air
That Lovely Blooming Flowers Bring
Festive Mood and Weather so Fair
Happy & Colourful SPRING”

It is this weather that creates mood and sets the tone for future.
As we come to the end of another academic session , we wish all the students going to formal schools all the very best for their future endeavours. We extend warm welcome to all the other children who are being promoted to Toddlers,PG-Iand PG-II.


We celebrated our 5th Annual Day on 16th March’2013.The theme for the same was “A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD”.
Dance is one of the most beautiful form of art that has grown in leaps and bounds. The different types of dances and dance styles that are prevalent all over the world are an indication of the popularity of this art form.Every dance form has its own unique identity. Each dance is beautiful in its own way and has a different appeal to it. Every country has a distinctive approach about its dance styles.
The Annual Day began with a prayer sung by childrens of all classes . Out Little Toddlers performed on Brazilian song and looked very cute on the stage.
The kids of PG-I performed on Chinese song in which they danced beautifully by holding umbrellas and rowing sticks.
The kids of PG-1 also performed on Hawain song I which they wore garlands & straw hats. Boys of PG-II danced on African song by holding spears in their hands. Girls of PG-II mesmerized the audience with their breath taking dance performance on Arabic song.
All the children of PG-II enacted a skit” Ram and Pig who set up House” , making us aware of Unity among animals & conveying a message of “United We Stand & Divided We Fall”.
Out little Daycare kids danced beautifully on Italian song.

The kids of PG-I and PG-ii sang “We are the World”. This song was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie 1985.
The promotion and merchandise aided the success of “We are the World” and raised over $63 million for humanitarian aid in Africa & US.

We winded up our Annual Day with graduation Ceremony wherein all kids joining formal schools were handed over Certificates and Graduation Caps.


The best way to make children independent and confident is by giving them freedom.