Wednesday, November 6, 2013

CCC-Newsletter Oct'2013

It is now a well established fact that the competence of a Preschool curriculum has a significant impact during the child’s early development years. The change of season, on approaching winter sets an ideal mood for our little budding environmentalist to examine the leaves, flowers & trees.

The concept of Day & Night was introduced to the children. We have Day & Night because Earth rotates. It spins on its axis which is an imaginary line passing through North & South pole. At any time half of Earth faces Sun. This part has day. The other half of earth faces away from sun. It is Dark & has night.


The festival of Dussehra was celebrated with pomp & show at Crystal. Vijay Dashmi, also known as Dussehra, is one of the very important &fascinating festivals of India, which is celebrated in the lunar month of Ashwin. Lord Rama killed Ravana on this day. Dussehra gives the message that there is always victory of truth over evil.
Crystal Children’s Centre celebrated “Grand Parents Day“ to create a spirit of togetherness & fun with older generation. Grandparents are our heritage & are essential members of our families & communities. That is why a special day “Grandparents Day” is set aside every year to honor them & this is the special day for us to spend some time with our dear Grandparents & have fun together.

Children of Toddlers & PG 1 section presented a dance performance for Grandparents on “Chanda Chanda Mama” & ”itni si Hasi” songs respectively. Our PG 2 kids came dressed up as different characters of Ramayana & spoke few lines on the same. Children of PG1 & PG2 dedicated & enacted “you are my sunshine” song.


Children’s of PG 1 & PG 2 were told about the germination. They planted beans in a thermocol glass & watched them grow. Bean seeds germinate in damp cotton wool, which makes the stages of germination easy to observe.
Children went for Nature Walk where they observed their surroundings closely. They picked up rocks, bark, grass, leaves, flowers etc and brought them back to the class. As we walked along, children were encouraged to talk about what they see & hear in natural surroundings. The kids were happy to water the plants & to run after butterflies & squirrels.
Tots, Bambi & Simba kids made a puppet of Ravana as Dussehra craft.
Bambi & Simba kids were told about Hibernation. Hibernating animals get ready for their winter sleep by eating extra food & storing it as body fat which they then use as energy while sleeping. Bears take shelter inside their caves, mouse inside their holes; fish, frogs & turtles shelter under logs, rocks & fallen leaves in winter. Children made Teddy bear mask which they were very excited to wear.
Simba kids made craft with letters U-Z. Tots pasted flowers & leaves on tree.


Children of Bambi & Simba section visited Leisure Valley Park on 30th & 31st Oct’13 respectively. Children enjoyed themselves by running around, sitting on swings & seeing flowers all around.


We wish Urav & Bhavisha a very happy birthday with loads of love from crystal family.


Make time for your children. Quantity is not nearly as important as what we do with bit & pieces of time you have with your child.